Fully Customisable and Responsive Forms
Create and maintain the forms you need with our simple to use drag and drop Forms Builder tool.
Total look & feel control of the labels, fields, sections and input rules of your forms to suit your business and your processes.


Share, Complete and Send Forms
Once your forms are ready to use, send them to recipients email at the click of a button within Formsmate. The recipient accesses and completes the form from that email and simply ‘Completes’ to send the form back, direct to your Formsmate Dashboard for review.
Need more automation? Our Industry-Specific Business Process Management versions will give you that.


Dynamic Database Creation
Here’s the smart bit…Formsmate’s dynamic database feature automatically recognises the changes you make to your forms within our Forms Builder, then creates and adjusts relating databases, ensuring there’s a space in the back-end for everything that’s captured. No development required, no additional costs!


Simple integration of any existing Databases
Importing any data (e.g. suppliers, projects, users, offices, locations, licence numbers, equipment etc.) or pointing Formsmate to a database that holds this reference data, so that information can be selected within forms is quick & easy to achieve with our Database Connector.


Dashboards & Analytics
Our Formsmate Dashboard gives you a clear and informative snapshot of where all your forms, data, their status and progress across your processes are.
Access filtered and sortable lists, view and interrogate everything captured and adjust metrics to ensure your on-time, efficient and across everything in one place.


Industry-Specific Forms, Business Process Management & Workflows
If your business has more complex processes or compliance pre-requisites, we’ve provided pre-configured forms specific to certain industries.
Complete with the process flows, escalations, ability to assignment of works, intra-form checklists, authorisation points, notifications and tracking mechanisms you need to manage your business effectively.
Utilise the applications we’ve built for Property Faults Management, Commercial Construction OH&S and Car Rental Checks, with many more planned, so you can hit the ground running.


Robust Data Security
Certificate-based SSL, Multi-level encryption stored on locally based servers with full back up and Disaster Recovery Protocol, ensuring your data is secure and only accessible by you.


Create your own forms easily or choose one of our preconfigured Industry-specific Business Process Management applications